June 30, 2013

Koa Campgrounds – A Review / Overview of the Network of Campgrounds

KOA campgrounds are normally called kampgrounds and are especially designed for use by families that do not have a lot of money to spend on their camping expeditions. These kampgrounds are also well suited for backcountry style camping and are located throughout the United States and a few of them are also located in Canada. Before choosing to stay at these kampgrounds, it is important to find out what features they have to offer.

Koa Campgrounds

KOA campgrounds tend to have pull through sites for RVs and they are also equipped with bathrooms that provide hot water as well as showers. In addition, you will also find washers and dryers provided by the kampground and in addition, there are general stores available from where you can buy camping supplies as well as convenience items. You are allowed to pitch your tent at these kampgrounds that are also pet friendly.

A few kampgrounds also have a mini golf course and swimming pool as well as game rooms. There are also many family friendly activities on offer at these kampgrounds. If you do not own a RV and you are not keen on camping in tents, then some KOA campgrounds will even offer you a kamping kabin or cottage or even a lodge.

Kabins are generally small in size and made from wood and will have one or at most two rooms. The one room variety can accommodate four adults while the two room kabin can sleep up to six people. Lodges are a great option and are a good alternative to living in a hotel. A lodge can easily accommodate six people and is equipped with kitchen, bathroom as well as bedroom.

If you wish to book your stay at KOA campgrounds, you will do well to use their online maps. KOA offers a chain of campgrounds throughout the USA and their sites are cheap and though small are nevertheless independent. In the peak of summer, these kampgrounds can become overcrowded and this causes the prices to shoot up.

If you wish to contact a KOA campground directly you will need to select a state and then select the kampground from a list that will be provided to you. A true camper will not consider the kampground to be one that offers genuine quality of camping. This is because at these kampgrounds, one seldom meets the true hiker or backpacker. Only those who love golf might find it expedient to stay at these kampgrounds.

People that love to travel throughout North America will do well to consider working at KOA campgrounds. This is because these kampgrounds offer a unique Work Kamper program that aims to help those who want to work at the kampground. Mostly, it is a RV camper that will want to work here and also those who are looking for free camping along with a chance to earn some extra income.

If you want to apply for the Work Kamper job, you will need to register and also pay an annual charge which will give them a list of openings. Once you have completed a Work Kamp season, you will then become eligible for certain rewards such as complimentary camping.

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