June 30, 2013

What To Look For When Choosing A Tent Campground – Features, Amenities, Services

When it comes down to selecting the best among many different tent campgrounds, you need to make use of a few well chosen tips to help you select the best option. Whether you have been tent camping earlier or even if it is your first time, you must know about the different factors that can help you pick the best option. At the very least, camping in tents allows you to experience the best of the outdoors with a little bit of comfort thrown in as well.

Tent Campgrounds

It is very easy to end up picking the wrong tent campgrounds. In order to avoid that you should know what you expect from your outdoor adventure and you should also be open to trying something new. There are many choices available including some wonderful opportunities in California and even rural settings of New York have much to offer.

There is more to selecting the best tent campgrounds than just the scenic value because you need to factor in a few other things as well. To begin with, it is important for you to know what to pack and also be sure about how to stay dry in wet weather conditions and you need to also know what activities a particular campground has to offer.

You must also factor in the terrain and you will need to look at the kind of facilities offered. There should be no problem in parking and you need to also check whether there are some opportunities available that will make things more exciting at the campground.

Hygiene is an important factor and one that you should look at before selecting the tent campground. If there too many insects or ants and even if the campground are infested with hornets or bees, you may want to look elsewhere. It is also important to check whether the campground is suitable for tent camping or is it more oriented for RV camping.

Ideally, a perfect tent campground is one that is grassy and which does not have too many patches of dirt as the dirt will soon turn into mud as soon as it starts to rain. The campground must also be located on level ground.

Level ground is desirable because in wet weather there will be fewer problems with drainage and if there are low spots, the place will soon turn into a lake during the rainy season. Also, level ground helps to ensure that you get to sleep better because your head and feet will be on the same level.

Look for tent campgrounds that provide tent pads which are nothing but areas at the campground that are designated for use of tents. These pads are sandy or made of mulch that has been evenly spread and will dry out quickly.

Ideally, you will want to check the level of privacy offered at the campground. One that is surrounded with bushes or trees can be a good option. The campground should not have any place that allows water to stagnate as stagnant water will allow insects to breed. It should also be secluded as that will give you peace and quiet and you should also try and pick from among those tent campgrounds where you get a chance to camp by a body of moving water.

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